Shifu Shi Heng Jin (Jon)

A very young Wang ZhengKe (王政科), who had an enthusiasm for martial arts and a fondness for Kung Fu films started training martial arts under his uncle in his home town. He was later sent to learn Shaolin Kung Fu by his parents at the Shaolin Cultural school in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province led by the 34rd generation Shaolin master Shi YanJia. After joining this school, young ZhengKe discovered his true passion for martial arts. He relentlessly trained in the traditional Shaolin methods for 6 long years and excelled in Shaolin forms, QiGong (Energy cultivation arts) and SanShou (Free fighting).  As a result of this, Wang ZhengKe eventually internalised the true meaning of his training and realised the holistic benefits  the Shaolin system.

Now a celebrated SanShou fighter, winning many national titles in China,  and a highly regarded senior student at his Kung Fu school, ZhengKe was chosen to travel to London, United Kingdom to become a disciple of Shifu Shi YanZi, a 34th generation Shaolin master and the head of Shaolin Temple UK

Wang ZhengKe was given the Shaolin disciple name "Shi Heng Jin" by his master Shi YanZi.  Shi Heng Jin continued to live, train and teach at the Shaolin temple UK for another 7 years. During this time Shi Heng Jin competed in and won many British National titles in SanShou competitions.

In 2011, when Shi Heng Jin moved to Sydney Australia where as per his master Shi YanZi's advice he continued to develop his skills and share the knowledge of traditional Shaolin arts.

It is Shi Heng Jin's aspiration to impart his knowledge of Kung Fu to help people improve their health and lives through the different disciplines of Shaolin Kung Fu. The teachings of Kung Fu can be applied to every aspect of a persons life, giving the practitioner a complete holistic experience.