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San Da (散打 Free hitting) also known as San Shou (散手 Free Hands) is the Chinese kickboxing style developed based upon the study and practices of traditional Kung fu and modern combat fighting techniques; it combines full-contact kickboxing, which includes close range and rapid successive punches and kicks, with wrestling, take-downs, throws, sweeps, kick catches, and in some competitions, even elbow and knee strikes


The San Da techniques can be broken up into four categories of fighting: Ti (踢 Kicking), Da (打 Striking), Na (拿Seizing) and  Shuai (摔 Wrestling). In our San Da classes, the traditional Shaolin fighting techniques embedded in the forms and other combinations are applied in full contact and controlled contact sparring.

Applying the skills and techniques learned in the Kung fu class, the San Da class aims to take your training to the next level, introducing you to sparring, pad work, throwing and wrestling techniques, incorporating both traditional shaolin and modern fighting. When you have reached an advanced level, students will have to opportunity to apply their skills in the ring.




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