Form class 1


Suitable for all levels of fitness.



Shaolin Kung fu class aims to improve your physical ability, focusing on improving your stamina, flexibility, coordination, speed and strength. Classes are delivered in the traditional way that is still taught in China today. You will start with learning the basic traditional forms and techniques that will build the foundations of your martial arts training.


The training comprises of various exercises (for developing stamina, flexibility, strength & balance) traditional stance training, jumps, hand and leg techniques, combinations, body movements and forms.

Forms (Tàolù 套路) - Along with the basic forms like "Wǔ Bù Quán 五步拳" (5 Stance Boxing) & "Lián Huán Quán 少林连环拳" (Linking Boxing), the traditional Shaolin mother form "Xiǎo Hóng Quán 小洪拳" (Small Flood Boxing) and it's applications are incorporated into the Kung Fu foundation level classes.

Once the student is assessed to have requisite proficiency at the foundation level other Shaolin traditional hand forms like "Tōng Bì Quán 少林通臂拳" (Full Arm Boxing), Dà Hóng Quán 大洪拳" (Big Flood Boxing), Qī Xīng Quán 七星拳" (Seven Star Boxing), "Luó Hàn Quán 罗汉拳" (Arhat Boxing), "Liù Hé Quán 六合拳" (Six Harmony Boxing), "Táng Láng quán 螳螂拳" (Praying Mantis Boxing) etc. and weapon forms like Staff, Broadsword, Big knife etc. are introduced.



Xiao Hong Quan